Seeing increasing interest in Emotional Intelligence, either a sign of the times, or maybe because of results like these:

  • Software developers with high levels of EI can develop effective software three times faster than others
  • Sales consultants with high levels of EI generate twice the revenue of their colleagues
  • Hay Group provided EI development support for 45 sales people in the insurance industry. The client provided product and sales training to a matched sample of 45 other sales people as a comparison/control group. The intention was to run the comparison for a full calendar year, but they called a halt to the research after seven months because the difference in sales results was so large that they could not afford to wait another five months to train the control group.

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Summary of HBR article, “Social intelligence and the biology of leadership,” by Goleman and Boyatsis, Sept 2008. link: “Emotional Intelligence:  Why it can matter more than IQ,” by Daniel Goleman