Business Week’s Jena McGregor asked in the Management IQ blog, in light of the current economic crisis, “Are fresh management ideas dead? Does the pendulum swing back to cost-cutting and efficiency drives mean we’re headed for a time when innovative ideas are crushed? I posted the following:

Focus on the fundamentals, while leveraging new technology. Good business principles haven’t changed in centuries: find a customer need and then harness resources – technical, financial and human – to provide differentiated value.

What changes constantly is the infrastructure available to align those resources. Our research indicates the most effective companies align operating models, performance measures and incentives at all levels to support strategic objectives.

Now that web 1.0 is pervasive, smart companies are finding that the infrastructure enables the use of collaborative 2.0 tools that enhance their ability to more effectively engage employees who, ideally, provide better customer value.

At least this will be true of the survivors.

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