In today’s performance-focused environment, the drive to achieve is more critical than ever. Yet even among the most talented executives and top-performing organizations, this drive, when unchecked, often backfires, derailing careers, diminishing performance, even destroying organizations, as discussed in Leadership run amok: the destructive potential of overachievers, the most downloaded Harvard Businss Review article in 2006.

The Human Capital Institute (HCI) is sponsoring a webinar on Talent Strategy for Line Managers focusing on derailers, delivered by Hay Group consultant / researchers Ruth Malloy and Scott Spreier, authors of the HBR article. The discussion will focus on this often-ignored dynamic, its impact on organization performance, its role in triggering our current economic crisis, and what individuals and organizations can do to avoid it. Through research, case studies, and their own experience in advising leaders and organizations, the authors will:

  • Share data showing a dramatic rise in achievement among today’s managers and executives and its impact on organizational performance and credibility.
  • Show how this drive can lead to a results-at-all-cost mentality, risky behavior, and unethical and illegal action.
  • Offer suggestions for helping leaders better manage their drive and increase their impact and effectiveness.
  • Make the case for creating organizational cultures that balance achievement with accountability, collaboration, and the value of making a positive social impact.

When: Thu, Mar 5 2009 / 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM ET.  To register (no charge), click here